Old Games

Create Your Own Adventure

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from days of olde (the 90s)? Ever want to make one yourself? Now ya can! Choose from an assortment of background colors, fonts, and music and get to work making the next big adventure masterpiece!!

Click here to download Create Your Own Adventure!


Play as Nucleus Poitras, mischievous but oh-so-hunky scientist in this two-sided puzzle platformer! Get dizzy as your eyes go back and forth from one dimension to the next to navigate each stage!!

Click here to download 2-Dimensional!

Medium Rare Square

The virtual board game of life and death! Take your spin, move your piece, and hope you have health insurance!

Click here to download Medium Rare Square!

Halloween Hellabaloo

A Halloween-themed gameshow with REAL video sequences! Best the other ghoulish contestants in gruesome trivia battle!!

Click here to download Halloween Hellabaloo!

The Journey Home

Stan must find Helen now! Navigate through a few shiny areas in this simple point and click adventure that’ll have you screaming “knickers!”

Click here to download The Journey Home!

Flaming K

One of my first finished games. It’s a platformer and stuff.

Click here to download Flaming K!


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